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A choice to seek out therapy often occurs at a very difficult time, when you have become overwhelmed by painful events, life changes, or the many pressures in your life. At times, these difficulties can feel overwhelming and impact overall well-being, hindering personal growth and preventing us from living full, meaningful lives.

Individual psychotherapy is a powerful tool designed to help you navigate life's ups and downs, empowering you to overcome obstacles, discover your true self, and embrace a life of authenticity and fulfillment.

As an experienced therapist, I understand each person's journey is unique. My clients often comment on my unwavering compassion, deep listening, and active partnership in helping them move toward real, lasting changes. Taking time to pause and connect more deeply with yourself can allow you to gain valuable insights, acquire practical skills, and discover the inner resources necessary to navigate the complexities of your life with more ease.

But therapy is not just about solving problems building resilience. It can be a transformative journey toward self-discovery and a life filled with meaning. Whatever path you take, I am here with you, to celebrate the positive changes as they emerge, and to help you navigate the challenges along the way.


I am dedicated to providing the most effective interventions available, so I’ve completed advanced training in cutting edge, evidence-based treatments for trauma, insomnia, burnout, anxiety, depression, grief, interpersonal difficulties, postpartum challenges, health behavior change, and other common therapy concerns.

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