Difficult life events, life transitions, or the stresses and strains of daily life all take their toll on us. Anyone can be vulnerable to the effects of these challenges, AND we all hold tremendous potential to grow into life transitions, to live more authentically and compassionately, to shed the pain of yesterday and turn toward defining a new path. Sometimes this process happens on its own, and sometimes the help of a trained psychotherapist can make a world of difference. That’s where I come in. The process of recovery is as varied, and as unique, as you are, and I am ready to accompany you as you find your way. Though I have seen many individuals through this process, I still feel wonder every day at our shared human capacity to be resilient in the face of adversity, and to find our way toward a life that is full of meaning.


I am dedicated to providing the most effective interventions available, so I’ve completed advanced training in cutting edge, evidence-based treatments for trauma, insomnia, burnout, anxiety, depression, grief, interpersonal difficulties, postpartum challenges, health behavior change, and other common therapy concerns.